In 1983, the food pantry and thrift store were established as a result of the collaborative efforts of 15 churches, forming the foundation for the St. Francis Sharing & Caring organization through the merger of two local church ministries.


A Response to Community Needs

The beginning of our organization can be traced back to the economic hardships that followed the Johnstown flood in 1977.

Concerned about the well-being of their community members, churches united to form St. Francis Sharing and Caring. This collaborative effort brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds and faiths, all driven by a shared commitment to serve their community.

Community Unity

There are 18 Conemaugh Township churches across several denominations that all serve on the St. Francis board. We have approximately 150 volunteers who serve in our many programs. Currently, Kim Showalter is the Manager and Valerie Zambanini is the Assistant Manager.

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